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Efficient industrial boiler maintenance

Key points
Reduces product consumption


Decreases in number of products
Simplifies treatment application
Enhances operating personnel’s security and health
The customer:
A public institution with more than 600 employees, in multiple buildings spread over a large area.

Producing and distributing steam on a site with multiple buildings and several kilometers of piping requires an appropriate treatment program to meet specific conditions. Steam flow can vary greatly depending on the season, usage, and temperature fluctuations.

This specific steam network is comprised of four water-tube boilers, used alternately or simultaneously, depending on needs. This interchangeable operation mode requires specific measures to be taken in order to protect the equipment, especially against corrosion, duringthe operating period as well as the temporary or extended stand-by periods. The conventional treatment program currently used is successful but greatly increases operator involvement which in turn, increases health and safety risks.

"Eliminates chemical handling, significantly reducing health and safety risks."


The purpose of implementing Aquafilm was to simplify the treatment application and monitoring to ensure the boiler network remains protected during every operation phase.

Aquafilm treatment technology creates a protective film on metal surfaces throughout the steam network: boilers, condensates, and the water supply. The protective film is durable and does not react with the dissolved oxygen found in water, therefore provides great stability and protection on the treated surfaces.

"Allows for an easy use and maintenance of the stand-by boilers."


The Aquafilm treatment program only requires the use of one product to control scaling, fouling, and corrosion problems in all phases of steam production, distribution, and recovery. By using this all-in-one product, the need to handle multiple products is no longer required.

Aquafilm is injected directly into the makeup water line. Injection frequency is automatically controlled by the water meter to ensure product concentration is balanced with network losses. The injection equipment has, therefore, been modified and significantly simplified.

Temporary boiler shutdowns no longer require special treatment schedule adjustments. Conditions maintained during the operation phase also ensure the protection of the equipment during the stand-by periods.


The use of Aquafilm technology has simplified the operators’ implication with boilers used intermittently. Reducing the number of treatment products required and the consumption rate positively impacts the health and safety, as well as environmental aspects associated with the delivery, storage, and management of chemicals.